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Episode 36

Did you know the service department produces 50% of your net profit but only gets 5% of your marketing budget? Jason Harris is back on The Drive asking you to put more marketing efforts into your service department. Jason gives an example of a very inexpensive targeted niche campaign he ran for a dealership that brought back huge return and could do the same for your dealership.

Episode 35

Jason wants you to get out of your bad habits of simply writing a cheque to your marketing vendor, and instead hold them accountable. By emphasizing your engagement, and not just your clicks, you have a better method of tracking your return on investment and be able to hold your marketing vendors accountable for implementing good marketing habits.

Episode 34

Ideally all your inventory will net you a high return but in reality often times you will have some cars that will not make money unless you sell parts and accessories. Join Jason on The Drive as he explains how to create Facebook ads to market your accessories and the best strategies to implement in order to target the people truly interested in the accessory deals you are offering.

Episode 33

Jason is talking to everyone in upper management to ensure they are supporting the individuals on the sales floor by contributing their own money to grow and promote the content produced by the sales people.

Episode 32

What should you be doing during the slow winter months? Watch Jason on the Drive discuss the importance of energy in the dealership and how it can actually make a positive impact on your future sales.

Episode 31

Sometimes a good idea isn’t enough. On today’s episode of the Drive, Jason stresses the importance of having a clear goal and objective defined before creating the campaign, in order to track its effectiveness.

Episode 30

Developing Your Own Community – Can a social media following belong exclusively to dealership? Today on the Drive, Jason explains the importance of salespeople’s social media efforts and the precautions a dealership needs to take.

Episode 29

No Season For Selling Winter Tires – Winter tires need to be a part of the process of selling a vehicle. Jason explains how a lot of dealerships will find more success if they sell winter tires all year round.

Episode 28

What makes a really good salesperson? On today’s Drive, Jason discusses how his success has stemmed from creating a unique brand for himself and the importance of each individual’s self-branding efforts.

Episode 27

Do you know who has access to your online data? Jason warns dealerships on today’s Drive that once you track people’s behaviour online, that data is your responsibility and you must take precautions to know exactly which agencies are tracking data and what their are doing with it

Episode 26

Branding is key not just for your dealership’s efforts, but for the individual sales people as well. Jason asks managers to develop out the skills of today’s sales people, and hone in on their tech-savy to improve overall communication efforts with customers.

Episode 25

What defines a dealership that make sit unique from everyone else? Listen to Jason Harris explain on The Drive the importance of defining the cornerstones of your dealership that make it unique and how they need to be embedded into every single part of the business.

Episode 24

Being an entrepreneur can seem exciting and flashy online but is that really always the case? Jason draws from personal experience to explain some of the hardships he’s encountered from being an entrepreneur.

Episode 23

Today on The Drive, Jason explains how your focus should be on identifying the goals of the company and warns that just focussing on pay structure isn’t going to develop your employees, which in turn will not lead to overall success.

Episode 22

Jason provides examples of excellent customer experiences from large companies and how you can draw from them and implement the same linear process to make the user experience in your dealership exceed the customer’s expectations.


Episode 21

Manufacturers stopped selling cars over 5 years ago. That is why on today’s Drive, Jason stresses the importance of telling the story yourselves, including story of the manufacturer, but more importantly, the story of your dealership, so you can make yourselves stand out.

Episode 20

The Loneliness of Entrepreneurship – Being an entrepreneur can seem exciting and flashy online but is that really always the case? Jason draws from personal experience to explain some of the hardships he’s encountered from being an entrepreneur.

Episode 19

Jason debunks the idea of boosting social media posts as part of your marketing and warns not to fall victim to the social vanity analytics of likes, shares and heart emojis. Instead invest in running ads with a real strategy so you can track it’s efficiency and in turn, the ROI.

Episode 18

It works for Amazon and E-Bay, but with the state of most dealership websites, there are so many reasons why it is a waste of money for dealers. E Commerce can be an amazing sales generator but is not always the best answer.

Episode 17

SMS & Text Messages for Marketing Strategies – Used correctly, text messages can be the perfect tool to market yourselves to your customers. This is one of many great Marketing Strategies and it is not spam if it’s relevant to them.

Episode 16

The internet has changed the way customers buy cars, so why haven’t dealers changed their sales approach for cars when a customer comes into the dealership? Selling Cars is changing every day and you must be on top of it.

Episode 15

When coming up with a marketing strategy, the first thing you have to do is consider your budget. Your budget is the most important thing you have to establish your strategies going forward.

Episode 14

Marketing and Closing Sales – Marketing strategies can get bodies through the door, but it’s the sales staff that are the ones closing the sales. This episode discusses the duties of the marketer vs the sales staff.

Episode 13

Leads – All leads are an internet lead. It doesn’t matter whether it came through on the phone or as a walk-in. EVERY lead is an internet lead and this changes how your dealership operates.

Episode 12

The Dealership Marketing Strategy – Take a long hard  look at what makes a marketing strategy so successful and what helps you get sales once a customer comes into your dealership.This is a crucial step we all must take. 

Episode 11

Our working relationship is very important to us and our clients goals mean everything. Here are some best practices to help you successfully market your dealership digitally. and help us at DDS provide you with more value than we charge you for.

Episode 10

The unique message your dealership puts out every month is one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy and reaching your Sales Goals. It’s the only way customers are going to choose your dealership over the 5+ others in there area. 

Episode 9

Ad Formats Aren’t Strategy – When creating an ad campaign you have to decide on your goals and objectives, target your audience and then develop your creative. Ad formats are not strategy.

Episode 8

The Pattern For Success – Having consistent operations means that your marketing efforts will keep their momentum from your online ad campaign to your dealership. It is the pattern for success.

Episode 7

Audience Specific Landing Pages – Everyone does audience specific ads but we’ve realised that connecting them to audience specific landing pages is the what really generates successful conversions.

Episode 6

Know Your Platforms – It is important to know what your platforms can do for you. If you’re not using your platforms to your full potential than you are missing out a lot of opportunities.

Episode 5

Influence vs. Attribution is defined differently by different agencies, making it a difficult metric to use. If we look at attribution as influence instead, we can see how people go through the sales process a lot clearer.

Episode 4

Marketing + Operations = Success – Marketing and operations have to go hand-in-hand in order to foster success. If they don’t work together a lot of leads can fall through the cracks.

Episode 3

Play With Your A-team – Having a cohesive team that is working toward the same goal is an important part of making your dealership successful. Are you playing properly with your A-Team?

Episode 2

Service Promotions With The Weather – When our marketing is relevant to a customers’ experiences it always sticks with them better. My pro tip is sync your service promotions with the weather.

Episode 1

Selling Your Traffic Back To You – A certain online dealer marketplace has found a new way of scamming dealers out of their money: selling their traffic back to them. Jason Harris tells you just how their scam works.

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