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We give you people, not tools.


Convert leads into buyer with Matador Automation.

Creative Services

Let us create and manage your business + brand.

Inventory Ads

From lot to website, keep your inventory live and automated.

Our Story

50+ years of combined experience.

Digital Dealership Solutions was born from within the industry, forged by dealers for dealers, those who have the daily responsibilities of running and scaling their operations in the automotive retail industry. We were owners, and now we work for them.


Our marketing and automotive experience has allowed us to craft a proven to work, cost effective strategy designed specifically for your dealership. We strategize, not advertise.


Jason Harris and Jeff Tessier have a combined 50+ years of experience running and owning dealerships. Their first hand automotive and marketing experience is unbeatable.


Your ad dollars are spent your way. We will never up charge or inflate the cost of ad spend. Let us know your budget, and that's what we'll allow for ad-spend. You can even collect the points!

Creative Packages

Unlimited Creative Package

Unlimited creative services. Yup, you heard that right! You request it, we make it.

Total Unlimited Package (Premium)

The ultimate power package! All the unlimited benefits of the creative & management package at a discounted rate. 

Unlimited Management Package

Unlimited management services. We do it all, no limitations. 

Ready to pick your package?

Multi-Level Marketing Campaigns

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Keep your inventory feed connected, automated and profitable.

Facebook Marketplace is an important piece of your marketing puzzle so we decided to be ahead of the changes. With automated inventory feeds being discontinued from September 13th, we gave Bumper Ads an innovative and impactful boost to make sure your inventory continues to attract leads and bolster conversion rates.

Powered by an intuitive ad builder, Bumper Ads allows dealerships and OEMs to create and run inventory ads across Facebook and the Google Display Network (GDN). And it’s all automated!

Our user-friendly ad builder comes with an extraordinary audience selector which helps you set your campaign audience in no time. With your store’s branding already pre-loaded, you just need to select an ad layout that underlines your messaging, attach offers to each unit and hit go!

Drastically Improve Customer Experience With Matador AI.

The industry’s fastest conversational experience ever. It empowers you to put your selling on autopilot by meeting and engaging with clients on their own turf including: Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Google Calendar, Outlook, emails and many more channels.

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Our Solutions

Our Step-By-Step Process

Fine tuned just for you.

step 01


Let’s talk! Defining your goal is the first step. Book A Consultation.

step 02

Let us design a strategy that works for you.

No business is the same. Let us draw out a strategy designed for you. Let’s Chat.

step 03

Let's go Live! Ads + Video

Leave the work to our ad and video team! We’ll do all the heavy lifting. We will create your videos, ads, creative. All you have to do it sit back and relax. 

step 04

Let the leads role in!

It’s that simple. 

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