Dealer Image Pro™ is a cutting-edge software company based in Ventura, California, dedicated to revolutionizing the way auto dealers approach photography in their merchandising efforts.

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Walk N Talk

About Dealer Image Pro

Dealer Image Pro™ provides scalable automotive merchandising technology to modern auto dealers through their content capture app, Photo Assistant™ and their online platform, Autoport®. This technology, combined with proper photography instruction, professional editing, quality control, and exceptional support, provides a superior result for auto dealers and a better experience for their customers.

Photo Assistant™ uses app technology on a fleet of Apple iPad® Pros with a patented wireframe guideline system. The app’s wireframe guidelines ensure that dealers capture consistent photos, full-motion video, and interactive 360 experiences for their inventory online — all in-house, for the fastest time-to-market.

The result is a remarkable consistency. Auto dealers and auto groups, achieve perfect content on dealer VDPs, gain a better time-to-market, streamline lot operations, save labor hours, and deliver a quality experience to their customers through one merchandising ecosystem.

The Dealer Image Pro platform integrates with all of the big players in Automotive.

Dealer Image Pro™ is responsible for managing and maintaining the content for tens of thousands of vehicles every month for dealers all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico & Dubai. Their proprietary software suite includes the iOS app Photo Assistant™ for use with passenger cars, heavy-duty trucks, and motorcycles, and the cloud-based desktop platform, Autoport®.

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Meet Your Host

Embark on an exhilarating journey with Jason Harris, a titan in the automotive realm, boasting over two decades of unwavering dedication and expertise. From humble beginnings in sales, to service, to past ownership of thriving automotive dealerships, Jason’s story is truly inspirational.

Renowned for his signature ‘Orange Tie’, Jason epitomizes a relentless commitment to customer-centricity, ensuring every interaction embodies excellence. His innovative processes not only drive success but also foster enduring relationships and profit.

As a true luminary, Jason seamlessly integrates his vast expertise into every discussion, drawing on unparalleled industry acumen to entertain and enlighten audiences on all facets of the automotive world. Prepare for empowerment and enlightenment as Jason Harris takes you on an unforgettable ride through the dynamic landscape of automotive excellence.