Matador AI

Convert leads into buyers with the leading customer engagement platform

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Instantly Increase Sales

Identify and drive new in-market shoppers through our set of machine learning and marketing powered automations.

Improved Customer Experience

Reach, engage and convert in market shoppers through a personalized, 1:1 experience. Double your number of meaningful conversations.

Instantly Increased Productivity

Automate your repetitive tasks & activities with the power of artificial intelligence so you can focus on what really matters.


Instantly Increase Sales

Matador Fingerprint uses cookie-less identity resolution to leverage your data to it’s full extent and connect you with customers the second they’re back in-market.

Drastically Improve Customer Experience

Omnichannel: The industry’s fastest conversational experience ever. It empowers you to put your selling on autopilot by meeting and engaging with clients on their own turf including: Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Google Calendar, Outlook, emails and many more channels.

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Visitors to Customers

Matador’s conversational widgets introduce a revolutionary & seamless way to convert your on-site traffic to incremental conversations. Drive 6x more conversations and 2x more opt-ins wile collecting invaluable 0-party data. 

Instantly Improve Productivity

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