Why Marketing is more than science

The Art of Digital Marketing

We all know it. Robots can build cars. They can join frameworks and craft bodywork. The end result is often nothing short of beauty with soft curves and hushed tones.

But the robots don’t do it alone.

There is a creator endlessly working in the background, pouring passion into those curves to suss out that perfect balance of power and beauty.

Marketing is the same. Data, analytics, and rule sets can build a campaign, but there’s a piece of the puzzle that no one ever puts a word to, a panache, that transforms the work into a work of art. Marketing is the perfect balance between science and art.

There’s no doubt you’ve seen it. It’s that last element that makes you compelled to run out and buy a vehicle on the spot. It could be the music, the content, or the visual style, something takes the campaign that extra step which seems like a proverbial mile.

It’s that art you should be looking for in your marketing team.

Whether you do you marketing in house or use an agency, you can’t afford to use robots for your campaigns. Yes, they need to be proficient in Google Adwords and Facebook marketing, but that knowledge isn’t enough. In creating your all-star team, you want to know that they share your passion and desires, that although it may be their words on the screen, it will be your voice your audience hears.

3 ways marketing is an art

The buying persona

As you create your marketing campaigns, you will eventually sculpt a buying persona, the avatar representing the audience to whom you will market. That persona is absolutely based in data, buying habits, and demographics, but human behaviour cannot be summed up into clean rows and columns. In the end, what rises from the page isn’t an automaton, but a real person who makes decisions, else, why would we try to influence them?


The Creative Once we’ve created our avatars, artists craft compelling imagery and copy. Data will tell us what concepts resonate, but an artist blurs the lines of reality, immersing the audience and engaging them at the same time so they don’t even know they’re being driven somewhere.
Reviewing isn’t just about the data Over time, we adjust to achieve better results, but at the core, we tug at emotions, dangling memories and elements that whisper to the audience, enticing them to explore our products instead of hitting them over the head with them.

Marketing is a science and an art


Does your marketing team use an art-driven marketing style? There is no doubt that analytics can tell us if we’re in the right lane, but there comes a moment when you go beyond the structure and science and touch upon the art. It’s that feeling that pushes you in one direction or another; which keywords, which campaigns are better. Building your marketing team is important. You rely on them to invite your audience into your dealership. Make sure they go beyond the mechanical and see the world through creative art.


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