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Work from home with Jason and several industry professionals during the Strategy Mob Podcast! Learn how dealers are adjusting to the new “norm” and how processes are charing on a daily basis.

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quarantine conversations episode 28

Jason is joined by Peter J. Duffy and Mike Correa. They discuss streamlining communication efforts, entering an era of efficiency, and how customers now control the process.

quarantine conversations episode 27

Today Jason jams with Ryan Smolkin, Founder and CEO of Smokes Poutinerie. They discuss building a brand, the importance of location atmosphere, and how to tell the company story.

quarantine conversations episode 26

Today Jason jams with Shaun N. Donnellan and Paul “The Dodgefather” Long. They discuss new expectations, how the industry will change forever, and staff cuts.

quarantine conversations episode 25

Today Jason jams with Bri Newman and Brandon Smith. They discuss new staffing methods, the new norm, and how to communicate with your staff.

quarantine conversations episode 24

Today Jason is joined in the home office by father and son duo Everold and Quincy Reid. They discuss quarantine leads, investing in yourself, and new leads.

quarantine conversations episode 23

Today Jason jams with Christine Mitchell & Jon Arnett. They discuss virtual delivery, increased productivity during COVID-19, and the importance of consistent communication.

quarantine conversations episode 22

Jason sits down with Lyamen Savy and George Sairoglu. They discuss what their new “norm” looks like, dealerships embracing technology, and the current “sales process.”

quarantine conversations episode 21

Jason, Don Romano and John Kot discuss how they’ve overcome the challenges caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, how business will change going forward and effective communication with dealers and customers.

quarantine conversations episode 20

Today Jason jams with Michael Cirillo and Glenn Lundy. They discuss changing sales processes, how the industry has been forced to improve and what the customer expects when buying a car.

quarantine conversations episode 19

Today Jason jams with Lucy Lewis and Kole Hicks. They discuss current dealership processes, advice for vendors in the industry and how to be proactive with extra lockdown time.

quarantine conversations episode 18

Jason, Mark Palmieri and Marco Mantenuto discuss how to communicate to customers online, what business will be like when we reopen and the value of salespeople creating content.

quarantine conversations episode 17

Jason welcomes Dane Saville and Paul J Daly to the home office! They discuss what marketing messages are currently working, the most effective messaging strategies to use when reopening and the benefits of putting the customer first.

quarantine conversations episode: 16

Join Jason, Stephen Granger and Ian Cruickshank. They discuss how to adjust your processes to meet customer needs, communicating what your business is doing to help and keeping your processes flexible.

quarantine conversations episode: 13

Jason jams with Todd Phillips and James Crockett. They discuss the importance of every customer interaction, digital processes and the value in meeting remotely with customers.

quarantine conversations episode: 10

Jason gets real with Sarah Hindle and Benjamin Hadley. They discuss how to define for brand, develop culture and the benefits of a one price dealership,

quarantine conversations ep. 7

Jason gets real with Shawn Armorer and Joshua Mitchell. They discuss the importance of the BDC during COVID-19, what the new norm is going to look like and treating your customer right.

quarantine conversations ep. 4

Jason, Laurie Foster and Joe St. John discuss todays uncertainty regarding dealership owners, and the opportunities that have presented themselves.



Today Jason is joined by Petrina Gentile and Michelle Denogean. They discuss the daily changing process, relating your message to the customer and maximizing your current opportunities.


Today Jason jams with Donna Bavely and Jodie Kennedy. They discuss the current state of dealership marketing efforts, digital retailing and adopting new tech in to your processes.


Jason, Joe Webb and Ben Smith. They discuss the importance of what you communicate as a business during COVID-19, new dealership processes and integration of technology.


Jason, Will Harris and Dan Liska jam about how COVID-19 is affecting dealers across the nation, uncertainty principals have and the opportunities for proactive dealers.


Jason, Will Harris and Dan Liska jam about how current events are affecting auto dealers across the nation, the uncertainty dealerships owners have and the opportunities for proactive dealers.


Today Jason jams with Farid Ahmad and Kam Ayrom. They discuss the need of employees during dry times, current opportunities and what the new norm looks like. 


Jason, Todd Lalonde and Todd Bourgon discuss how to adapt dealership processes during times of crisis, what the dealership business will look like when COVID-19 is over and seeing difficult times as an opportunity.


Jason, Dustin Corbett and Steven Pigozzo discuss the changes to the processes used by dealerships to sell cars during COVID-19 and how it may be a process that is here to stay.


Jason, Wilson Mah and Randy Kammerer discuss seeing the current situation as an opportunity, adapting to the new reality and the efficiency of Zoom meetings.


Jason jams with Tyler Champagne and Jeff Hunter about what the new COVID-19 norm is going to look like, thoughts on current OEM marketing efforts, and the opportunity we have.

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