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why podcast?


Our Podcast In A Box Package not only gives you all the benefits and qualities of your typical podcast, but provides you with the power of video.

Podcast audio content gives listeners the ability to dive into topics without having to set aside time to read or watch a video. Podcasts also offer articles in smaller bite-sized chunks perfect for daily commutes or busy routines. Video has the ability to share more than text or photos can, making them virtually limitless in terms of their marketing potential and application.  Show the customer more emotion and passion possible than through any other application.


People watch more than 5 billion videos every single day on YouTube alone. When you add Facebook, Instagram and all other platforms, the popularity of the medium quickly becomes obvious. So, it is not surprising brands and marketers are creating long form video to engage with consumers. In 2018, 39% of smartphone viewers spent their time watching videos over 20 minutes. Now the number has jumped to 64%. On Facebook, longer videos received 79% more shares and 74% more views than short videos in 2019. And these number will increase as long-form video applications in business, entertainment and education continue to increase.

The number of internet users watching video is increasing, and by 2021 it will account for 84% of internet users. The benefit of creating long-form videos is it will boost the average visit duration and the viewers are more engaged.


A podcast provides a format for sharing your expertise in your industry. Audio files allow you to inject your enthusiasm and speaking skills to add an air of authority to the information that is often lacking in the written word. Regular podcasts with accurate information or ideas help establish you and your company as an authority in the business. Customers want a company that knows the industry, so the podcasts help build up that trust.

We are in a golden age of podcasting. A recent report showed that podcast listeners doubled between 2008 and 2015, and then increased by 23% between 2015 and 2019. In the U.S. alone, there are more than 57 million monthly listeners approx. 28% of Canadians listen to podcast.


Images are like little breadcrumbs leading your target audience to a snack size video which will lead them to a full length podcast or video. When you share new posts to social networks like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, it’s far more effective to be consistent with a great image in your post.  Images or posts with images achieve exponentially higher engagement levels than just plain text. This is where the true power of images can come into play. They say that an image is worth 1000 words because a single image can convey a tidal wave of emotional connections and brand recognition.


Formatted for several social media platforms (wide, square, and vertical)

 2-3 minute short video snippets to share as ads and on social media post that link back to the log form video. 

But why is short video so popular? The shift is due to a number of factors. The attraction of short-form social videos lies in their “snackable” nature. Short videos suit our busy lives, brief attention spans and the need to consume content easily and quickly. Because fans are consuming content via their mobile devices while they’re on the go or at work, the shorter the content is gives them something quick to consume with the option to bite into the whole enchilada if they have the time.


Strategy with Jason is the one stop shop for all your operational, marketing, and automotive needs. His goal continues to be to add value to dealerships through education. Uploading several different forms of educational content on a daily basis with tips, techniques, and, most importantly, strategy, it is a portal for those in the automotive industry to educate themselves.

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