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How to make your people better

It All Starts with Training We all know what a sleazy salesperson looks like by now. Even if they’re dressed nice, we still get an oily feeling when we speak to them. Words roll off their tongues like butter; but in the end, they're still selling swamp water. When it...

How to Capitalize on Financing and Insurance

Do you ever get that feeling that you’ve put all your effort into a sale, spent perhaps hours with a client, walking around the vehicle, letting them take it for a test drive- but the second you suggest protection, your client looks at you like you have food stuck in your teeth? In an instant, your prospect goes from willing participant in the conversation, to shutting you down like you’re a stranger and they need to run as fast as they can from you.

5 Things to Avoid a Complete Debacle

You know those days that just go wrong from the beginning? It’s like the universe is telling you to stay in bed. They’re the toe-stubbing, forget your pants, lose your keys kind of days. They happen— even to those of us who prepared. The question is how we deal with them.

The fundamental elements of internet marketing

When it comes to internet marketing, there are two acronyms that every dealership should get comfortable with; SEM and SEO. SEM— search engine marketing— and SEO— search engine optimization— are two sides of the same coin. While many marketers have a preference, it’s essential for your business to understand both and determine which has more value to you.

Why You Need To Change Your Pre-Qualification Interview

As salespeople, we have to admit that we get a little excited every time we sit down with a new client. It doesn’t really matter whether that client came through the front door, called us on the phone, or took the time to send an email. We get that thrill with every possibility of a win. Go ahead— stick it to the competition. But more importantly, serve a client what they need.

The Most important Element of Selling

Have you ever returned to a store to find your experience vastly different? It happens. It could be a different salesperson or even the weather. But for whatever reason, your experience isn’t always the same. But it should be.

5 Important Elements of Marketing Communication

Did you notice that robots are invading the planet? Slowly, but surely, they’re replacing everyone you know with evil doppelgängers. When it comes to marketing, those faceless, lurching beasts can almost do everything you can. If you rely on templates and cold interactions, you’ll eventually lose your job to one. Put simply, if you mistreat your audience that way, you should lose your job. They deserve better.

3 Ways To Make your Sales Team Better

We all love it when things go well. It feels like everything is firing on all cylinders. But then small things start to chip away at the paint. It happens. Especially when it comes to staff that have been around for awhile. They’re set in their ways and know what works them. It may often be the superstar salesperson who gives the biggest pushback. They know what works because it’s put them on top for years. But, how can you deal with that?

Ad Formats Aren’t Strategy

In fact, your marketing should always go through a periodic review to ensure that your dollars are being used efficiently, and your message is effective.

4 Things Car Dealerships Can Learn From Amazon

It’s a good thing you can’t buy new cars on Amazon. The online merchandising giant does an amazing job with the purchase journey. Not only does their marketing support the sales, but the online shopping experience is easy. If Amazon sold cars, dealerships wouldn’t exist other than to offer test drives.

Why Tracking Behaviors is Important

The evolution of the car is easy to watch. From the time when you could only buy a car that was black to the days when the windshield wiper was first invented and then right up to electric cars. We’ve enjoyed a steady march of technological advancement that has made things easier and safer for those on the road and those who aren’t.

The Pitfalls of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Suffice to say, when you do a search on Google, its goal is to give you the most relevant information possible. There is a heavy weighting for local results, but it really comes down to relevance.

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