The Most Important People

Marketing campaigns are hard-fought. We get right into the trenches and fight for every last client. In fact, we all know to keep those clients at the centre as we create those campaigns. A customer-centric model is the only way to succeed, right? We only need to think about the clients.


As with everything new model of vehicle, there’s always more to it. Once you understand the first layer, everything becomes more complicated, more nuanced.

Yes, you need to keep the customer at the centre of your process, but there is someone else you need to keep in mind; the sales staff.

That’s right. We don’t actually make marketing campaigns for the sake of having pretty pictures. Our goal is to convert our audience to paying clients and we do that through the sales staff. If we don’t do our job properly, then sales can’t do theirs at all. And as much as we tell ourselves, the sales staff does the heavy lifting, especially if we don’t do a good job supporting them.

Aligning the marketing campaign with sales

Learn the sales language

It isn’t just the language, but the process we need to understand. When we grasp what the end is like, we can align the beginning so we can get there more efficiently. We will start using the proper language and evoke the right emotions with our campaigns.

Bring Sales into the marketing meeting

Too many hands in the pot can get confusing, but when you’re looking at initial marketing prospects, have a sales rep available to established goals and high-level concepts. Not only do they get buy-in for the process, but they’ll realize you’re spending one, or two, or ten thousand dollars a month on them.


Once you’ve established your campaign, you need to show the sales staff what you’ve done. When the sales team knows what the clients know and what’s been promised, then they’ll have an idea where the clients come into the sales funnel.


Match the in-dealership marketing to the digital and conventional campaigns

The sales team doesn’t just need knowledge, but tools to convert your audience. The in-dealership marketing material will complement their efforts. Make sure you replace old brochures and posters so the audience doesn’t become confused with old messages.

An Epic Love Story

YUntil now, you’ve been creating your marketing campaigns as customer centric, but too often there is a missing element, your sales team. The person on the floor needs to deal with the customer so we need to support them as best we can. With that in mind, think of it less like taking your audience on a linear journey and more like an epic romantic journey. You want your audience and your sales staff to bond over their love for the vehicles you’re selling. You want to develop a relationship between the audience and the sales staff. Your campaigns need to be more three-dimensional, customer centric, salesperson-oriented and not a blanket approach.

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