Last Impressions

It’s a simple fact that there are two important points to any experience; the first and the last

We’ve spoken already about the first impression you give a customer highlighting the fact that it’s important for the whole process to be customer centric. But, what are you doing when you leave the customer

Are you throwing the keys at them as you rush out the door?

Do you spend time showing them how to use the new gadgets built into the vehicle?

How about taking the time to install the car seats?

The last impression you leave a client with is arguably more important than the first, especially considering how well most comparable dealerships are doing the first. If done properly, the last impression will dictate how well the relationship lasts for the next 5 or 7 years.

Give and don’t take

Congratulations, you’ve sold a car. You’ve won. There’s no need to take anything else from the relationship. It’s time to give back. And give freely. Some dealerships opt to give free oil changes, while others give winter tires. What matters is that you give without the impression of looking for something in return.

Listen and wow

If you’ve done your job well, you’ve been listening to what the clients need through the whole purchase journey. Reach into that list of wants and fill them. It doesn’t have to be much, but show that you’ve been listening.

Don’t make it your last

Even though you’ve made the sale, a good sales team will always follow up after a few days and see if the client needs anything else. It’s a simple gesture that may solve any frustrations a client may have.

Make it positive

Never let the positivity slide. You may have your money, but this is the moment when a client gets that magical feeling. You don’t want to add any negativity or buyer’s remorse may set in. Make a show of the process and include the whole family so they can all enjoy the event. That could mean something as little as scheduling the pick up properly and making sure the paperwork was done well every time so you have nothing to hold you back when it comes time for them to pick up their vehicle.

Make them Feel important

Think of the last impression as the first impression for the rest of the life of the car. Roll out the red carpet and offer the keys in a jewellery box, regardless of the vehicle’s model. It’s a simple gesture that won’t cost you anything, but they’ll remember how you make them feel.

Make it Count

When it comes to the purchase journey, you want to wow a client at the right points so they have the most memorable experience. If you don’t have a process for this yet when it comes to the last impression then it’s time to start one. Put some thought into what you can do to keep your dealership top of mind for every client every time.

Your ultimate goal is to make your last impression a lasting impression, otherwise you’re just another piece of history. Make them remember you and want to come back.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more content.

Jason Harris


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