5 Important Elements of Marketing Communication

Did you notice that robots are invading the planet? Slowly, but surely, they’re replacing everyone you know with evil doppelgängers.

When it comes to marketing, those faceless, lurching beasts can almost do everything you can. If you rely on templates and cold interactions, you’ll eventually lose your job to one. Put simply, if you mistreat your audience that way, you should lose your job. They deserve better.

Don’t be afraid. It’s not too late. To stave off an invasion from those metallic monsters, there’s really only one thing you need to keep in mind; don’t be one of them. Don’t be a robot.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself what you could possible do to be efficient and keep up with everything a marketer has to take care of. The answer is to take an audit of what makes you human, and then practice those qualities until you’re indispensable.

What makes you human?

While there are many things that are unique to you, skills you excel at, there are a few things everyone can do to keep ahead of the curve.

Dump the templates

Working with computers, you’ll know that templates are everywhere; word documents, websites, and even social media platforms. Your goal shouldn’t be to make everything similar, but to make everything complementary. That means it’s okay to use standardization, but your campaigns shouldn’t be cookie cutter. You need to speak to each client differently, even if you’re saying similar things. Let them feel your passion.


It doesn’t take much, but when a client asks for more information, be ready to colour outside the lines. Ask the best way to communicate with them; then use your smartphone and text them pictures and videos. Go beyond the marketing that comes out of the prefabricated box and build a rapport with your audience.

Don’t hit the reset button

Robots can’t understand from a client’s language how much they already know. You, however, can determine where someone is on their purchase journey. Don’t waste your time pre-qualifying them if you don’t need to.


Being creative is necessary for good business development. Creativity comes from solving problems in unique ways. Moreover, it’s understanding the perspective of your audience so you can connect on a deeper level.

Be human

You can’t afford rigid responses to emails, phone calls, or chat sessions. Smooth answers, pauses, and even taking the time to breathe is a natural element to conversations. Your audience wants to see them, knowing they are speaking to a real person.

Red-eyed Monsters

We don’t really have to worry about an invading army of laser-wielding robots. When it comes to your marketing however, even the mere possibility that you use templates to interact with clients— or worse, use real robots for communications— your audience knows and won’t appreciate it. Robots don’t build rapport— humans do. Remember to humanize your responses, and don’t be afraid to show them who you are.


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