Are you playing with your A-Team?

We all love it when things go well. It feels like everything is firing on all cylinders. Top management is all on board; the general manager, sales, even the dealer principles. Everyone starts to get that feeling that great things are coming. Opportunities seem to come out of nowhere.

But then small things start to chip away at the paint. Talking to the sales manager, you hear, “Oh, the sales guys won’t do that.”

Won’t do that?
Is that even an option?

It happens. Especially when it comes to staff that have been around for awhile. They’re set in their ways and know what works them. And it might. It may often be the superstar salesperson who gives the biggest pushback. They know what works because it’s put them on top for years.

But, how can you deal with that?


Negativity is a door closer


Their negativity can be debilitating, stopping the forward process of some of the best teams. That negativity can also be infections, spreading from one salesperson to the next, creating an army of naysayers who refuse to change, refuse to embrace the vision the management team has established.

As a sales manager, it’s your job to quell that uprising. Your performance isn’t gauged on how well individuals do, but how well your team does. You need an A-team, and not the one with Mr. T, decked out with all his golden necklaces and crazy hair. You need a cohesive team with a positive outlook working towards the same goal.

Here are a few things to get you there.


Step 1

Developing your team can be accomplished in many ways. What matters is that you keep your vision and goals in mind with every decision.

  1. Reward positivity – Rewarding positive actions that embrace your vision will work far better than punishing actions that may have been the norm, but aren’t contributing.
  2. Training – You can’t expect your people to take the right steps if you don’t first show them what those actions are.
  3. Promote team players – Putting team players in important positions can accomplish a few things. Not only does it put the right people in positions to maximize their skills, but it can set an example for others to emulate


2. Release the negativity

Sometimes you may need to release that negativity by letting someone go.  What a person brings to the team doesn’t have enough value if all they do is bring everyone else down. They may be great individually, but not for the team.

It’s at that point, you may have to do the unthinkable and release them altogether.

3. Hire For Your team

Sometimes when you’re missing something on your team you have to look for it outside of your organization.

This new blood can create an infectious positive attitude and add new skills to flesh out your team. It may also bring to light some of the negativity that needs to be excised.

Your team isn’t stronger just because it has an all-star or two. That’s why your baseball teams are constantly tweaking their rosters, trading away some of the best players for seemingly unknown elements. In fact, you’ll often see players in a position that isn’t their strongest because it’s best for the team. Team players will accept that knowing the end goal is what matters.

Your A-team is important. It will dictate the success or failure of the dealership. You want team players that work well in your unit, but also with the whole dealership. You can’t have  issues dragging your team down. Everything has to work together as cohesively as the vehicles you sell. Remember that as we come into auto show season and the sales that will develop into the spring and summer.


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more content.

Jason Harris


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