Service promotions with the weather

Oh, the weather outside is frightful But the fire is so delightful And since we’ve no place to go Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

It’s a catchy tune to play at Christmas when we’re all caught up in the white powdery stuff.

Until it’s green. Or for that matter, if you live in a region that doesn’t get much snow.

When it comes to your marketing, we’ve already shown you how dangerous it is to just follow or mimc your manufacturer’s message when they’re talking about weather patterns that aren’t happening. Selling winter tires to your audience when the temperature is above 10 degrees doesn’t resonate.

But what happens when the temperature plummets and you get 20 centimetres of snow overnight? We go from singing in the rain to letting it snow in one day. Can you afford to lose that opportunity?

Not when a certain percentage of your clients are procrastinators, waiting until it’s almost too late to get those winter tires or new wipers. Not many employers accept excuses like, “oops, I can’t go to work this morning because I forgot that new battery in my car.”

How to prepare for the weather-based marketing?

What’s the answer then? You can’t rush a marketing campaign through in a day, especially if half your team is on vacation or you don’t sit down with your agency until next week.

Knowing your client base

There is no substitution for parsing your client list by demographics, vehicle traits, preferences, and even maintenance schedules. You can determine who needs winter tires for an old car or a new one. You will know when the last time they purchased a battery or windshield wiper, or for that matter, if they purchase OEM or aftermarket from the hardware store. Having a marketing database available so you can target the right clients will save time and get a relevant message to the right people.

Have a process

Though there is an art to marketing, you still need a process. Having a process will save time as you put campaigns in place. When it comes to weather-based marketing, you know flash-freezes come swiftly. When people know their job and are empowered to put things in place without laborious meetings, you will get your message out faster, perhaps even first.

Have a swipe file

There’s nothing worse to a marketer than not having the creative content or imagery available when they see an opportunity. That’s why over time, creative minds will develop swipe files of snippets they like or powerful images that resonate. Then, when you’re under the gun, you can pull out elements you need and spend your time polishing and adjusting vocabulary to mimic the weather as opposed to trying to deal with your writer’s block.

Be prepared

Weather-based marketing isn’t rocket science, but it may seem that way when you time it properly. Parts and service campaigns have to be ready to focus the necessities like batteries, windshield wipers, and wiper fluids; things that are important for the time of year from a safety perspective. You want to remind the client as opposed to selling them something.  

Educate your audience on the benefits of winter maintenance when the time is right because being prepared come rain or snow is the best way for your marketing to complement the weather.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more content.

Cheers, Jason Harris  

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