3 important elements of sales training

Training Strategy

How often have you sat down for the late month sales meeting only to hear numbers are low? It happens, right? Perhaps, people are waiting for a big sale event. Or maybe, interest rates went up and the economy isn’t doing well.

In any case, many old-school marketers have a tendency to wave their hands in the air and say, “Just throw more at the marketing budget. That’ll get more clients.”

You believe in the need for marketing, but understand you can’t show a direct correlation between a dollar spent on marketing and a dollar earned in sales. There’s definitely a connection, but increasing the one doesn’t necessarily mean an immediate increase to the other. Your process is far more complicated. Increasing your marketing will definitely increase your exposure and help you sell more, but that still leaves the hard work.

Increasing your closing ratio however can achieve that.

Let’s assume your closing rate is 15 percent. If you see a hundred clients in a month, you sell 15 cars. Now, you find out you need to sell another 5 cars. How easy will it be to pull in another 35 people to the dealership to close your standard rate?

It’s a crap shoot. You can’t guarantee your ads will resonate with enough people to get them to come through the door in time. Why? Because marketing dollars spent today are for clients 30 or 45 days from now. On the other hand, what about increasing your closing ratio? You know there were at least 5 people in your office already, maybe even today. Should you rely on hopes and dreams to bring people to the dealership in time or on your sales staff to do their job?.

 It’s that next phase that clinches the sale however. You’ve done your job well, reinforcing your marketing message with your in-dealership processes. What it really comes down to is building rapport.

But that doesn’t come at the wave of a magic wand. Your sales people don’t automatically know what they need to say.

Sales staff need training

You can’t just assume they will get that training themselves either. You need a strategy. Here are three of the most important elements to think about when creating that strategy.

1. Establish a budget

It doesn’t matter whether your budget is part of the marketing budget, it’s fixed or variable.

What matters is that you have a monthly amount of time and money set aside to train your people.


2. Education vs training

Robots are trained. Animals are trained. Humans are educated. The difference? Not only do you want to teach your people about the benefits and features of your product, but how to recognize body language cues when a client doesn’t care. You want sales people who can think and respond to real questions as opposed to looking it up in a manual.

3. Continued Support

All the training in the world is for naught if you don’t support your people. That means empowerment AND continued education. The world is an ever-changing place with new solutions to new problems. If you want to increase your closing ratio, they need positive feedback to see what works and what doesn’t, as well as, the authority to learn and try new paths.

Marketing is only part of the answer

Digital Dealership Solutions can help get people to your door. What you do once they are inside is up to you. A training strategy is the perfect complement to your marketing strategy. Hand-in-hand, marketing and education will offer your sales staff the best opportunities and the greatest chances of converting those opportunities into sales


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